Lotus Temple - New Delhi MediumIndia has long been known as an exotic land of intriguing cultures and mystic knowledge and spirituality. This unique perception of India still exists today, making it one of the world’s top tourist attractions for visitors. The diversity of its landscape, culture and beauty is not limited by geography alone. The experience of all that India has to offer is available to anyone, regardless of which hotels they choose while in the country. Indian tourism includes many different categories, including snow caped mountains, history, adventure tourism, exotic wildlife, gorgeous landscapes, spiritual tourism and much more. Additionally, medical tourism is growing rapidly, especially in terms of homeopathy and Ayurveda. India’s longest coastline is also drawing many tourists from countries all over the world, making beach tourism extremely popular.

For many tourists, Delhi, Bangalore and Mumbai are just a few of the cities with international recognition which are providing a gateway to India. As an update, it is important to note that Bangaluru is the new name for the city of Bangalore. Delhi is India’s capital city and as such, Delhi hotels strive for excellence, both in terms of comfort as well as hospitality. Likewise, Mumbai, which was previously known as Bombay is India’s financial capital. Mumbai has a population that is the world’s fifth highest for a metropolitan area and hotels in this city are working hard to ensure Mumbai is accessible for people from all income levels. Bangalore was recently named the fastest growing metropolitan city in all of Asia. IT Software Services and ITES companies are playing a major role in contributing to this city’s tremendous growth. This cyber city also features a number of natural assets, such as beautiful lakes, gardens and a healthy climate. The easiest way to find the right accommodations for hotels in Bangalore is to use an online tourism site.

The hospitality sector is also being greatly impacted by the fast growth in the economy of India. Mumbai, Bangaluru and Pune are just a few of the centers that have become known as economic nerve centers for the country. Hotels in all price ranges can be found in these centers, including everything from budget hotels to luxury hotels, allowing travelers to get the best facilities for their needs. These hotels are also working hard to ensure that their food is never a problem for visitors, so they offer a selection of dishes, including both vegetarian and non-vegetarian.

Today, in the world of tourism, Indian eco-tourism is making its mark. Indian hotels strive to provide tours that encompass more than just the concrete jungle of the city. They are now offering tour packages, such as safari tours for visitors. Even palace resorts and grand heritage hotels in Rajasthan are becoming more conscious of providing a variety of tours ranging from Ayurveda tours to eco tours.